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Galera07 LTD provides to its customers the opportunity to finance trough UK based Holding company the construction, registration and repayment of ordered vessels based on monthly installments – Rental Purchase Option (RPO)



RPO is the easiest, most cost effective and worry free way to get the job done
whilst managing your capital expenditure and cash flow budgets.
Essentially, RPO is a flexible rental agreement with an option to exercise the purchase of the rented equipment upon the completion of an agreed minimum rental term.

  • Preserve capital – The unit will pay for itself by generating revenue rather than you paying upfront
  • All servicing, calibration and procurement costs covered
  • No large capital outlay – price is locked for the duration of the contract
  • Monthly invoices that can be fully tax deductible
  • Minimal down time with immediate support

There are many positive benefits to rental as compared to other forms of financing. Your taxation advisor will be able to assist with information relating to the benefits of rental as opposed to leasing or purchase where depreciation impacts on your balance sheet. Once the option to buy has been exercised the equipment is yours.
*RPO is available only to business users and due diligence will be applicable



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“GALERA 07” Ltd. is one of the leading ship repair and low-tonnage shipbuilding companies in Bulgaria and the Black Sea region. The company manufactures details and constructions of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, repair and production of pipe systems, repair of electrical and hydraulic systems and more.

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