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Design of vessel

Galera 07 has experienced and highly educated in Italy design team for modern and stylish designing of vessel capable to meet each customer request.

Design of vessel is one of the most important phases where customer received for the first time in high 3D model own required vessel


Workshop documentation

Naval architects turn initial design of vessel in to complete project and workshop documentation.

After project documentation is approved by IACS classification society building is fully monitored by chief of Naval Architect team to ensure correct building is done.

workshop documentation


cfd and Tank tests

Galera07 has strong agreement with Hydrodynamical Institute in Varna where all new projects pass detailed CFD and Tank Tests for proving customer required parameters.

cfd and Tank tests


3d interior

In order to make project complete meeting latest design requirements of the industry our team is making complete 3D interior with full material and color specification approved by customer.

This specification, detailed 3D models in combination with our chief designer project monitoring are important guidelines for the interior maker company to make perfect finishing of the boat satisfying each customer.

3d interior


3D pipe isometrically

Each project has complete 3D pipe isometrically and cable rutting model in order to minimize time for building and ensure that no collisions will appear during building process.

3D pipe isometrically


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“GALERA 07” Ltd. is one of the leading ship repair and low-tonnage shipbuilding companies in Bulgaria and the Black Sea region. The company manufactures details and constructions of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, repair and production of pipe systems, repair of electrical and hydraulic systems and more.

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